Gary W. Wright Company is a family business established in 1982 with a simple premise; offer
only top makes, grade them strictly and sell them at serious prices. Long before it was popular,
the company became renown for its precision cut diamonds. In fact, GWWCO was the first
company to introduce Hearts & Arrows diamonds to America. Today, a quarter century later,
it is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of Ideal cut and Hearts & Arrows diamonds
in the country.

The company specializes in goods for the US market with an emphasis on diamonds
from VS2 and lower. GIA and AGS reports are the only "certificates" offered by the
company. They believe that reliance on Easy Grading Labs to make diamonds look
better than they are is hurting the diamond business. Gary Wright says, "We are
diamond dealers, not 'paper pushers' and we don't believe diamonds are a commodity
that can be sold based on a lab report." The company located in Phoenix, Arizona is
an AGS registered supplier and member of the New York Diamond Dealers Club.

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